26 Awesome Hybrid Tips to Get BETTER MPG NOW

Ford F-150 Powerboost Problems with MPG? Try the Following 26 Tips An Electrifying New World Hybrids have only recently been introduced into the pick-up market with the 2021 Ford F-150 Powerboost Hybrid leading the way.  This means there’s an entire demographic of regular full-time pickup drivers who have yet to experience driving hybrid technology. Some … Read more

How Garaging a Vehicle Can Cause Rust in Winter | and How to Prevent It!

garaging car causes rust header photo

How Garaging a Vehicle Can Cause Rust in Winter | and How to Prevent It! Many people regard the use of a garage as the best place for a vehicle. Perhaps shockingly, that’s just not always the case. Did you know that garaging a vehicle can cause rust? While it is true for summertime garaging … Read more

Why You Should NEVER “Hypermile” Accelerate in Your HYBRID Vehicle

Never Hypermile heaad phot

Wait, What?? “Don’t” Hyper-mile in my hybrid? WHY NOT? Good question, and I know it can sound crazy. There are a couple reasons why you shouldn’t – if your goal is to save on gas costs and get the most MPG’s. Hybrid vehicles have internal combustion engines (ICE). Sometimes these ICE engines are exactly the … Read more

How To Remove Running Boards (Factory OEM) on the Ford F-150 (Easy DIY)

How Remove Running Boards

6 easy steps for removing the running boards from your Ford F-150 Some pick-up owners like and need running boards, some don’t. If you find yourself as one of those owners who don’t want them on anymore, read on. 6 easy DIY steps Care for your hardware (bolts) Now that you have loose bolts, you … Read more

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