Winterize Your Pickup Truck Today | DON’T FORGET These 11 Simple Things to Buy

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11 Tips for Winterizing Your Pickup Truck When winter cold weather approaches, we definitely feel it in our own bodies. As a result, we prepare ourselves. We pull out the coast and jackets. We start wearing knit hats. Maybe we put warmer the sheets on the bed. And we certainly turn off the outside water … Read more

26 Awesome Hybrid Tips to Get BETTER MPG NOW

Ford F-150 Powerboost Problems with MPG? Try the Following 26 Tips An Electrifying New World Hybrids have only recently been introduced into the pick-up market with the 2021 Ford F-150 Powerboost Hybrid leading the way.  This means there’s an entire demographic of regular full-time pickup drivers who have yet to experience driving hybrid technology. Some … Read more

How Garaging a Vehicle Can Cause Rust in Winter | and How to Prevent It!

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How Garaging a Vehicle Can Cause Rust in Winter | and How to Prevent It! Many people regard the use of a garage as the best place for a vehicle. Perhaps shockingly, that’s just not always the case. Did you know that garaging a vehicle can cause rust? While it is true for summertime garaging … Read more

Why You Should NEVER “Hypermile” Accelerate in Your HYBRID Vehicle

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Wait, What?? “Don’t” Hyper-mile in my hybrid? WHY NOT? Good question, and I know it can sound crazy. There are a couple reasons why you shouldn’t – if your goal is to save on gas costs and get the most MPG’s. Hybrid vehicles have internal combustion engines (ICE). Sometimes these ICE engines are exactly the … Read more

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