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Please Read, Understand and Agree to the following Terms of Service and Conditions (Last Updated: November 26, 2021):

Trukbed does not list the items for sale or trade on this website.  Trukbed provides the platform for users to list their own items for sale.  Trukbed MAY, at it's discretion, list their own items for sale, nonetheless, as private listings the same as any user.

Listing persons ("Listers") are responsible for their own listing content and ensuring they're operating within the terms and rules of the platform service.  Trukbed is a Peer to Peer (P2P) platform which enables direct contact between Listers and Buyers/Shoppers.  Trukbed does not and will not be an intermediary between any of these two parties for any reason, other than issues of an abuse of terms.

At this time, Trukbed is a FREE and NO COST service for both those wanting to sell/trade or exchange items and those who would like to buy/trade/exchange items.  We do not charge for either service.  HOWEVER, to limit spam and scammers to the realistic extent possible, Trukbed does require a free registration for both parties.

Registration for Listers allows individuals to properly list and offer a product for sale or trade.

Registration for Buyers and Shoppers allow for listing item contact information to be revealed, thus  helping to inhibit spam, etc., for the Lister.

Nominal fees are charged for the ability to be a featured item for sale on front and prominent pages.  The fee is only if a Lister chooses to utilize.  This is not a hidden fee.  If no fee was charged, every Lister would choose to be featured, thus defeating the purpose of feature stand-outs.

Trukbed may, at any time, alter a Listing for administrative purposes, such as a re-categorization, for better or more accurate search experiences for the user.

Trukbed requires images to be of high quality, and taken with care. Blurry images will be removed without warning.  A Lister may upload as many as 25 pictures.  Pictures can be any size the Lister desires, however they must be clear after publishing.

Items sold, whether through Trukbed or not, must be marked as Sold or deleted from a current listing status within 2 days/48 hours.  Further, if Trukbed contacts a Lister via email for a status on a Listed item and does not receive a response after 3 tries or 2 days/48 Hours, Trukbed will delete the Listing.  This is to help prevent wasteful browsing time for users and fuitless attempts for Buyers and Shoppers to contact a Lister.

Listers may list any contact information they desire, from phone numbers and emails to social media handles and links within the listing.  This is entirely up to the Lister as it is their own listing.  URL's to webpages are also acceptable.

Links to YouTube and other video sites are acceptable if needed to help sell an item.

All Items sold must be pre-owned.  They can, and are highly encouraged to be, pre-owned with minimal to NO use, ideally.  The point being, Trukbed is for pre-owned parts and accessories.  The items listed don't have to be "pre-used".

Private individuals, brand/manufacturers, and wholesale/retailers alike are welcome to use the listing service, provided the criterion are met for the items being pre-owned, as well as the other criterion mentioned in these TOS.  This means, refurbished items from returns are indeed allowed, as they would have been pre-owned.

Any listing may link to an external selling source if the Lister prefers, such as Ebay, Amazon, Craiglist, or wherever.  Keep in mind, some of the other selling sources charge the seller upon completion of sales made, and Trukbed does not.  Just a reminder.  But not a rule for the Lister.  These would be their own choices made.

Trukbed is not an Auction site.  If a Lister intends to review all best offers for an item on a particular date, they should mention it in the Listing.  However, all items, without exception, must contain a Price.  The option for being Firm or Negotiable, or to accept Best Offers, is at the discretion of the Lister.

Lister and Buyer are responsible for all components of selling, transaction, and after-sale issues.  Trukbed will not have any responsibility in the matters of sales of any items, except if sold BY TRUKBED.  This means, arrangements for locations, shipping, payment methods, etc, are all at the discretion of the buyer and seller.

Truth in Description:  All Listers should be as descriptive as possible in their Listings, to include model and part numbers, dimensions, and list any damages, blemishes, etc.  Listings should be forthcoming and truthful.  Anything about the item listed that may help a buyer is encouraged to be listed.  Mentioning the exact vehicle year, make, model and trim the part was taken off of helps tremendously.

Buyers are still responsible however for their own research and due diligence.

Trukbed's mission is to be a FREE, NO-COST TO LIST or BUY, QUALITY and TRUSTWORTHY automotive enthusiast marketplace for pre-owned items.  Please help to ensure the mission is achieved!

The Trukbed Staff