Are you a Dealer or Retailer of Auto Parts & Accessories?

We welcome Dealers and Retailers to list any Pre-Owned or Used Auto Parts & Accessory for sale to our visitors – and, at no cost from start to finish.

Whether the item is a part, accessory, or an entire Pre-Owned vehicle, Trukbed wants the best deals available for our niche demographic of automotive enthusiasts who are looking for, and ready to buy, quality Pre-Owned and Used Parts and Accessories. Simply put – it’s the reason we exist. We recognize the extreme value dealers bring to our niche. Dealers and Retailers often have returns and other situations where they can offer items at reduced costs. As a result, we’d love for you to be a part of this community.

Returns such as parts that were customer ordering mistakes, or for whatever the reason, we are a great place for your business to list your items for sale. Most likely, your stock of items are listed on your own websites within an HTML eCommerce platform. Our listing platform accepts HTML as a copy/paste. So, it’s very easy to duplicate your listings. At no cost for Pre-Owned and Used Auto Parts and Accessories, we provide an easy way to get your item exposed to even more buyers.

We are active with SEO terms for our listings.

We actively assess SEO for listings to ensure the items listed on Trukbed stand chances for appearing in major search engine search results. We do this for Private Sellers alike. We want our service to work for everyone. Your item’s listings will be described with keywords that further point searchers to your product, and increase the chance of sales.

We allow new items for sale, too.

All Pre-Owned and Used Auto Parts and Accessories are listed entirely at no cost, start to finish. No commissions are required for those products. However, listing new items will require a conventional market affiliate agreement, standard in the industry. Terms and conditions can be negotiated, just contact us!

man buying some parts and accessories with cash for his truck car motorcycle

A niche demographic ready to buy.

When buyers visit Trukbed and look for parts, they’re ready to make a purchase. At no cost to list and sell your Pre-Owned or Used Auto part or Accessory, getting your item’s great deal in the eyes of these enthusiasts couldn’t be an easier decision. It costs you nothing, provides you with more product and store exposure, and the customer gets a great deal.

man buying parts and accessories for his car truck motocycle

SEO attention for each listing.

We’ll find key terms that search engines will use to help direct listed items to potential shoppers in need. Trukbed understands the importance of SEO in marketing. We want the website traffic as much as you want the sale completed. In the end, our goals are the same. We both want to serve the customers and give them what they need, as easily as possible.

Our Quality standards line up with yours.

Trukbed founded this website with the idea of providing a platform where sellers and buyers alike can have confidence in the items available on our website. We maintain certain listing standards to ensure Trukbed stands apart from other classified listing services. You can have confidence in Trukbed as a partner as we serve our enthusiast family.

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Don’t want to Sell/List, but interested in placing a display ad?

Trukbed uses display advertising services to generate operating revenue, since the bulk of our services are entirely free with no hidden costs. Our niche demographic of automotive car, truck and motorcycle enthusiasts see advertisements automatically tailored to their interests. These display ad locations are available for permanent sponsorships. Please contact us if you’d like to get your company or brand in front of enthusiasts who are ready to make purchases.

Getting started listing is easy & FREE. Here’s how:

  • Register only once for an account to receive access to the front-end listing system. You’ll use this login to list as many items, as often as you like, and to manage all your listings, start to finish.
  • After confirming you’re not a robot, you’ll need to re-login again. You don’t like spam, and neither do we.
  • On the new listing form, enter your item’s information, upload great pictures, be helpful with a great description, and publish!
  • After your item is listed, you’ll have a great home for your item as you share the link on social media, or wherever you like!
  • BONUS: If you share your item to your network to sell it and tag us, we will mark your item as “Featured” for priority views on Trukbed.
  • Sell your item, and keep 100% of what you made. Buyers pay YOU directly – however you worked it out with them.
  • More questions? Maybe we can answer them on our FAQ page.
girl counting money made after selling a used truck part and accessories on trukbed to another buyer

I love the free and no cost listings. I don’t lose a penny to commissions. But I really love being able to offset the cost of my newer part AND helping other car folk like me who love our rides.…it feels more like I’m helping my community than just selling a part to someone.”

Aaron W. of Temple, Texas

In order to keep Trukbed a valuable resource for both buyers and sellers, we love the following standards for all listings:

  • Truthfulness: If it’s blemished, has flaws or damaged, just say so. There are buyers who don’t mind, and can even fix them.
  • Every listing needs pictures – High Quality pictures. We’re different from other platforms for a reason!
  • Each item needs a price! It’s fine to accept Best Offers with a set price, but auctions and silent bids aren’t really the focus of Trukbed.
  • Items for sale need a reasonably descriptive description. Have you ever shopped other platforms and found unhelpful 1 to 3 line descriptions? We want to prevent those.