You have Questions – We have Answers

Why don’t I see many listings?

Because we JUST STARTED and opened for business! Listings like yours will grow the website in 2022 and help to provide high quality Pre-Owned and Used automotive parts and accessories to other car and truck, and motorcycle, enthusiasts everywhere. We thank you for your consideration and encourage you to try us out. We are U.S. Military Veteran-Owned and operate right out of America, in Leesburg, Virginia. Go Coast Guard!

Costs and Fees

Does it cost me anything to List an Item?

No! Unlike other selling platforms, Trukbed doesn’t charge a penny. There are no hidden fees later on. Listing an item is free from the point a seller registers with the site, all the way through the completion of their own sale – which they handle all by themselves. This selling platform is intended to be a free service to both sellers and buyers, unlike other online selling platforms and services. List an Item HERE

Does it cost me anything to Buy an item?

No! Well – not to Trukbed, at least. Obviously the cost of the item you are buying, and the shipping if it’s required, is the burden of the buyer. But as far as Trukbed is concerned, there are no required costs or fees going to Trukbed as a result of browsing and making a purchase. This buying platform is intended to be a free website for automotive enthusiasts to buy, sell, or trade their quality pre-owned and used auto parts. See all current listings HERE.

What if I am/we are a Dealer, Retailer, or Brand/Manufacturer? Will it cost US anything?

The answer is still – nope! It’s free, but with minor exceptions. Trukbed allows for all Dealers, Retailers, and Brand/Manufacturers to list quality pre-owned, returned, refurbished, and used items on Trukbed for free to willing shoppers and buyers. The criteria for listing only pre-owned, and previously used items still apply to these commercial entities the same as they apply to private sellers. The exceptions would be if any Dealer, Retailer or Brand/Manufacturer wanted to list a brand new item, or if they wanted to buy website advertising space, or sponsor the website with banners, etc. In these cases, please contact us. But for the purposes of listing pre-owned and used products – it’s as free as the air we breathe.

If it’s all Free, then how does Trukbed make money?

Trukbed makes our operating revenue on the advertisements seen throughout the website. If the advertisements weren’t there, we couldn’t provide the service for free, which is Trukbed’s ultimate mission and goal. We will place advertisements that are paid for by website sponsors, etc, and we also use Google Adsense. Google Adsense matches contents and interests of this webpage as well as general user information to hopefully be providing you with relevant advertisements to see. You never know – you may even find a great deal there, as well. And Trukbed is all about great deals.

I feel like your site helped me save hundreds in fees I would have been charged on other platforms. Plus, I love what you’re doing. Does Trukbed accept donations?

Thanks for loving us! Our goal is to give buyers and sellers a no cost platforms to match up. If you feel as though you’ve saved a lot and want to help us continue to be able to provide the services, we accept donations through PayPal and Venmo. See the donations page. Whether it’s a 5 cent donation, or $5, or $500, everything helps! And we certainly appreciate it. Certain level donors have permanent Featured Listing statuses on all their listings.

Defining Used and Pre-owned

What is Pre-Owned?

Pre-Owned is just that – it was owned previously by someone who was not the manufacturer or retailer that sold it as new. NOTE: Pre-Owned does not have to mean Used. They are not one in the same. A person could easily have owned something they never used. Like an unopened box. It was owned by someone, but not used.

What is Used?

Used is different from Pre-Owned. See Pre-Owned above. Used means it was used. A box was opened. Wrapping was taken off. Whether it was used for 1 hour, 1 year, or 10 years, it was now Used. The condition of the used item is what matters. The amount of use is what matters. An opened return is used. An unopened return is unused. Both returns are Pre-Owned.

Trukbed’s Roles

What is Trukbed’s main role in this platform?

Trukbed’s primary role is to be a platform provider, and facilitator of platform services for automotive enthusiasts to list items for sale, and for buyers to shop and buy those items for sale. We are not a dealer, retailer, nor are we a brand/manufacturer of any products. We are not a consignment service. The easiest way to metaphorically illustrate Trukbed’s role is to imagine a Flea Market. The provider of the grounds has nothing to do with the individual sales of any of the items being sold. But, we are different from even Flea Markets, because even they tend to charge for table spots. And – we DON’T!

Does Trukbed handle shipping?

No. Shipping of any item for sale, if applicable, is determined by both the buyer and seller of items. Usually, shipping limitations and options are detailed in the item listing. At any rate, shipping is between buyer and seller, as is generally everything else.

Does Trukbed guarantee any items for sale?

Nope. Each item for sale is either backed by the seller, or isn’t – but Trukbed has nothing to do with any items not sold by us (we are automotive enthusiasts too!). If sold by us, terms of guarantees, if any, are detailed in the individual listings like everyone else.

Do you allow ANY product to be sold?

The short answer is generally no. We want the website to focus on car, truck, Jeep, SUV and motorcycle parts and accessories. We also like garage and shop items automotive enthusiasts may have an interest in to be listed. That said, we do have an Off-Topic, kind of Free-for-All section, where you can list other things. After all, automotive people do carry other interests. We just ask that you mind the categories and keep those listings where they belong.

Social Media and Sharing

Can I put in links to my social media pages, my website, etc?

Of course. We are aware that other platforms strictly prohibit that activity – it takes away from sales being made through their website, and they lose commission and fees. Well, we are free. We want you to connect with buyers. and we want buyers to easily connect with you. The sale of items aren’t made through us, so what do we care? For example: If you’re selling a set of wheels you had on a vehicle, and you have an Instagram page with 50 pictures of those wheels on a car the buyer may want to see, then by all means, link it for them. YouTube? Facebook? Reddit? Twitter? Link away. You may even get a follower or two out of it. You can even link to your Ebay page if you like, and pay their fees per sale – but that’s all up to you.

What if I share the links of my listings in other places?

That’s completely fine, and in fact encouraged. We provided you with an online home for your item(s) for sale. We provided the opportunity to list up to as many as 25 images, etc. at no cost. You want to get people checking out your items so you can get it sold! So, share away. Forums, Facebook Groups, Instagram, etc. We encourage this because it brings more automotive enthusiasts buyers and sellers to see other products as well. Wouldn’t you want other sellers to also share their items and bring people to possibly purchase your items? So, please, share your listing’s link to your heart’s content.

Trukbed Compared to other Selling Classified Platforms

How are you different from Craigslist – aren’t they free as well? And how are you different from the others?

Craigslist is free, as far as we still know. We love Craigslist. And we think you should list there, and everywhere else too. We aren’t seeking a monopoly on your item for sale. The faster you get it sold the better. But we are different in that our listing pages are prettier, and easier to read than Craigslist. We have automotive specific, niche’ed questions that help your buyers. This makes buyers more likely to buy your item from our listing, versus a bland Craigslist page. Ebay and others charge fees, limit the amounts of time you may have a listing active, etc.

We don’t limit the amount of time an item must be sold. If it takes a day, great. If it takes a year, your listing is still free to be listed.

Control of Your Listings

Can I edit my listing after it’s published?

Yes, as much as you want. Maybe you found a typo, or maybe you forgot to add something. Whatever the reason, you have access through your account to manage your own listings. Add, remove photos, etc. Sellers can publish, un-publish, and even mark items as sold while keeping the listing visible.

Is HTML allowed for the listing?

Yes, the description box allows for HTML copy & pasting. This is helpful if you’re already selling an item somewhere else and are using HTML.

What features does your platform provide for writing descriptions?

Sellers/Listers have the ability to easily format paragraphs, headers, etc, to make the description appear how they’d like. Common WordPress editing tools allow for images within bodies of text, centering, bolding and emphasizing words, linking words and images, etc. You may make your listing description appear in any way you like. And, it’s very user friendly.

General Rules and Criteria

In order for Trukbed to maintain a semblance of quality and value for both buyers and sellers, we strongly encourage the following criteria. Trukbed reserves the right to remove, either permanently or temporarily, listings that stray too far from the following:
  • Every listing needs to have images. These images should be useful, relevant and of high quality. Clear and forthcoming images give buyers confidence. And, Trukbed wants the feeling of the website to portray a certain level of confidence for both Buyers and Sellers alike.
  • Each listing must have a worthwhile description. Trukbed stands to be different from other platforms by having quality items, descriptions and sellers. Have you ever seen listings on other platforms that had blurry pictures and 1 or 2 line descriptions? We simply don’t want that happening here, for obvious reasons.
  • All listings must have a price set. Best Offers are fine and encouraged. However, whether there is a Best Offer or not, there must be a price established.
  • Flaws and Damages must be disclosed, if any. Trukbed wants buyers and sellers to feel a sense of integrity within the platform. We will review instances of complaints about deceitful listings and sellers on a case by case basis. If an item sold by a manufacturer is being sold as Refurbished, then there is no flaw anymore, and the preceding error need not be mentioned or disclosed – because it’s a moot point.
Can I sell a whole vehicle or even a trailer?

Yes, whole vehicles may be sold. We love Classics. We love project cars too! And who doesn’t love a great deal on a trailer? Just remember to categorize properly. Dealers can sell used and pre-owned vehicles, demo vehicles, etc. I am sure our website visitors will be interested in a really great deal!