5 Pickup Truck Owner Statistics You Will Find Interesting

One thing is for sure and clear on it’s face: Pickup truck owners LOVE their trucks! But how about some statistics to back that up? Trukbed has put together some pickup truck owner statistics you may find interesting. Several outlets, including the Ford Motor Company themselves, have conducted studies and surveys to figure out just how much these owners truly love their trucks, and who these owners are. Read on to find out where you fit in the numbers!

While several of the outlets sourced for this articles have no truck to sell to the public the way Ford does (Ford sells the F-150, F-250, F-350, Ranger, the all new Maverick hybrid, and the upcoming Lightning EV among others), it is worth pointing out that of the respondents within Ford’s study in 2020, only 38% were actual Ford truck owners. The other 62% of respondents owned other brands. It is also worth noting the genders were evenly mixed, with 54% of the respondents men, and the other 46% were, obviously, women. Ford seemingly ignored the new age concept of additional genders and kept it traditional. We appreciate that.

Here are some interesting pickup truck owner statisitics, in no particular order:

1. Nearly 4 out of 5 pickup truck owners would give up alcohol before giving up the keys to their truck

5 pickup truck owner statistics

According to Ford’s survey in 2020, 79% of pickup truck owners would suspend imbibing in spirits for an entire year before they would walk away from their truck. Considering pick-up truck owners are stereotypically assumed to be lovers of beer and drinking more than the rest of the population (think: 75% of country music song references), this is a very telling statistic. This statistic alone confirms that pickup truck owners indeed love their trucks.

2. Over 9 out of 10 owners have helped others with their pickup truck

This is one of those pickup truck owner statistics we just love.

5 pickup truck owner statistics

Ford’s survey also points out that 94% of pickup truck owners have helped others with their truck, proving truck owners are dependable good samaritans. Think about it: How many times have you helped someone who was ever on the side of the road in need, a family member or friend who needed that couch moved, or pulled someone out of a snow-filled ditch? If you have, you’re in good company with your fellow truck owners.

Additionally, 1 out of 3 (34%) help others on a weekly basis! If you own a truck and are part of these statistics, pat yourself on the back. If you don’t own a truck, why not thank one by giving a little more space to one for a lane change in traffic?

3. 40% of owners are excited about the idea of an electric pickup (EV)

5 pickup truck owner statistics

It should come as no surprise Ford wanted some feedback on this subject, with the all new 2022 Ford Lightning EV on the near horizon (we hope!). Trukbed didn’t participate in Ford’s study, but we would definitely be part of that 40%, as we reserved our own Ford Lightning the day reservations opened in May of 2021. If you read comments to blogs and news articles covering the topic of electric powered trucks, you would notice the feedback generally equals this statistic. Many seem to be upset about full charge ranges, while other naysayers seem to be hesitant about unknown reliability factors. There are many factors people are considering in regards to pickup truck EVs. One thing is for sure, it is in fact exciting.

Of the respondents in the survey, 1 out of 3 would switch to an electric pickup if they were assured of: Ample places to charge the vehicle, that the vehicle didn’t sacrifice in power, performance and capabilities, and if the vehicle maintenance costs were lower.

It’s becoming clear there are charging point locations growing in number every day, so we feel okay about that one. But as far as the other two big concerns. Trukbed feels those concerns as well. After we spend time with our own after it is delivered, we will know for sure. Meanwhile, we have no problems keeping the Trukbed owned 2021 Ford F-150 Powerboost Hybrid Lariat around for our needs.

Bonus fact: 62% of respondents from California are excited about the idea of an electric pickup truck.

4. 83% of pickup truck owners are men, 11% are women, and the other 6% are unknown

Trukbed found this statistic from Zippia.com interesting, because it appears to nearly mimic Trukbed’s own statistic of those who follow us on Instagram. According to our Instagram’s insights for @trukbed, 89% are men, and 11% are women.

5 pickup truck owner statistics

This statistic appears to be changing, however. Zippia also reports that women are beginning to own trucks more, with around a .5 to 1% gain in numbers year over year as compared to men. Trukbed encourages more of this progress. As much as Trukbed enjoys being a good samaritan as referenced above, we could use a break in transporting all our women friend’s new pieces of furniture they’ve bought from the local antique stores every weekend. We are just kidding. Or are we?

5. 100% of actual pickup truck owners agree that Honda Ridgelines are NOT trucks at all.

5 pickup truck owner statistics

Okay, Trukbed made this statistic up, out of the air, with nothing to back this statistic up. We just thought it was funny.

Those were our 5 interesting pickup truck owner statistics!

What about you? Do you own a pickup truck? Maybe you are thinking about buying your first one? Are you a man or a woman? What do you think of these statistics? Does the Honda Ridgeline joke offend you? Let us know! As always, hit us up on Instagram @trukbed, YouTube as Trukbed Media, LinkedIn, etc.

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