Pickup trucks are the number 1 sold vehicle type in the world, and for good reason. They are versatile and safe. Pickup trucks have tremendous storage space and ideal for towing and hauling. These days especially, are often luxurious and the main family car.  As capable as pickup trucks are though, trucks bought straight from a new dealer’s sales lot often require some additional items and aftermarket accessories. These accessories help pickup trucks become as ready as every truck owner needs them to be! If you’re looking for the best gifts for men or pickup truck owner, you found the right place.

Whether you have owned trucks your whole life, or are new pickup truck owner (in which case – WELCOME!), it doesn’t matter. The following are the 12 best gifts for men and ESSENTIAL items every truck owner should have on their truck. This list is a great reference point for owners (new or otherwise) as well. Use this guide for Father’s Day, Mother’s Day or birthday gift ideas for those who are shopping for their own new pickup truck!

1.  Pickup Truck Bed/Tonneau Cover 

(cost – anywhere from $250 for minimal features to over $1400.00 for more advanced – but WELL worth the cost either way, and you DO get what you pay for)

Pickup truck bed and tonneau covers are widely accepted and understood to be THE number 1 most essential accessory for every truck on the road by virtually every pick truck owner in the world.  They provide for a secure, lockable, weatherproof cargo solution for anyone who wants or needs to store valuable items, and/or items that need to be protected from the elements.  They help keep the bed clean and free of rain, leaves, dirt, etc.  

A great quality truck bed/tonneau cover can easily last the life of the vehicle if taken care of. They not only improve the overall looks of the truck, but can generally help in fuel efficiency by eliminating the drag an open bed can cause.  Virtually every pickup truck owner will tell you that bed/tonneau covers tend to be worth their weight in gold.  Notable, hard covers are much more likely to actually secure valuables than soft covers, so keep that in mind.  Soft covers can easily be cut open.  Hard covers, not so easily.

Easily installed and cared for

Pickup Truck Bed Covers are generally easy to install at home in a garage or even in a driveway. They usually require no drilling whatsoever, however a more complex system may be a tad more involved.  Most covers require no more than an ability to follow instructions and a set of common hand tools.  A second person is often helpful simply to help lift the bed cover during installation as the size can be bulky at first.  All that said, most owners install these by all by themselves. 

While all manufacturers generally have their own branded bed and tonneau covers available as accessories, there are options that offer the same or even better quality and durability, and are often much more affordable.

2. Pickup Truck Bedliner/Padded Bed Mat

BedRug Image Girl Cleaning Bed of Truck with Power Washer An example as one of the great gifts for men for christmas
BedRug Image

(cost – anywhere from $400.00 to well close to $1000.00).

Pickup truck bedliners are simply liners that protect inside the bed of the truck.  They can either be “spray-in” as a permanent coating, or “drop-in” as a hard plastic material, or even as a padded rubber mat or soft carpet (for Trukbed’s needs, Trukbed loves and prefers the carpet style) .  

Bedliners provide great protection and are perfect complements to the bed/tonneau cover in providing extra protection to the bed.  In the case of bed mats and carpeting (BedRug by Truck Hero is a great example, and who Trukbed uses), padded mats and carpets not only protect the bed of the truck, but are invaluable in providing much needed comfort for the knees.

Various ways to get a bed liner

Spray-in bedliners are generally professionally applied (installed), while the other types can be DIY installed by the owner if concentrating, taking their time, and following directions.  Trukbed recommends professional installation for even the full hard plastic bedliners, as they are quite cumbersome.  Bed mats, and carpeting, such as BedRug, are easily installed at home or work.  They are designed to be able to take just as much abuse as the typical bedliner, as they are cleanable with pressure washers, hoses, cleaning agents, etc.  Bed mats and Carpets such as BedRug are excellent for protecting cargo as well (Spray-in bedliners are often gritty and abrasive, making hauling valuable furniture and other items a daunting task as blankets and other precautions are taken in order to prevent scratches).  

For most pickup truck owners who have no full time need for hauling industrial items, and would like to use their pickup truck’s bed as a place to use as a trunk and occasional hauling of larger items such as furniture, etc, they will find the bed mat, bed carpet or BedRug to be the ideal choice.  As the perfect complement to a bed cover, this 2021 Christmas is a great time to get this pickup truck accessory for your truck owning loved one!  Visit BedRug to see if the carpeted option would work for you!

3. Pickup Truck Hitch Accessories

Hitch and ball mount with locking pin An example as one of the best items for a pickup truck for christmas
Ball mount, ball and hitch pin

(cost – minimal, items range from $1 to $50 for most parts)

Pickup truck hitch accessories, believe it or not, are one of the most fun and useful bunch of accessories truck owners (or loved ones looking for birthday or Christmas Gifts in 2021) can shop for.  They are hitch accessories that are cargo and luggage carriers, bright LED backup lamps, storage vaults (for locking and securing keys, wallets, credit cards, and the like), attaching bike racks, and more.  The hitch accessories Trukbed is concentrating on for this list are the basic hitch accessories needed for towing  a basic trailer.  

Assuming the reader already has a trailer hitch installed, and regardless of whether or not the owner has any plans to actually tow a trailer, they should always have on hand, and in the truck, a hitch ball mount and ball sized to fit their truck’s receiver (usually class III or IV).  Some would recommend having it installed on the truck full time, coupled with a lockable hitch pin.  They take only minutes to install, and can easily cost under $50 for a decent set of the items.

They protect in rear enders too

Even if you don’t plan to tow anything, a hitch ball mount and ball is excellent in providing a HIGH degree of protection from would be rear enders who may accidentally collide with the truck from the rear.  Many owners who have had these installed and hanging out on their trucks have experienced rear enders where their truck was virtually undamaged due to the ball mount being installed, while the offending rear ending vehicle’s front end was nearly destroyed.  

Secondly, you never know if you will be in a situation where hooking up to a trailer becomes necessary.  A pickup truck driver should never be unprepared and without such a simple accessory when the time and need arises.  A great place to buy hitch accessories is etrailer.com.  Simply put, they have just about any type of hitch accessory you will ever need, and are one of the most pricing competitive sources for hitch accessories there is.  Plus, they are just a bunch of great people with superior customer service.

4. Pickup Truck Bed Cargo Netting

Pickup truck cargo net in bed of truck trukbed An example of one of the great gifts for pickup truck owners for christmas
Pickup truck cargo net in bed of truck trukbed

(cost – usually under $30.00)

Every pickup truck driver is aware they need a bunch of tie downs and straps.  But one simple and much needed accessory seems to always slip the average pickup truck owners minds:  the cargo net.  A cargo net is useful, in fact essential, for securing via web netting smaller items being hauled in the bed, or even inside the cabin.  Cargo nets can also be a great addition to securing large items as well.

Trukbed has been in the situation of having a load of small, lighter items in the bed.  While we had plenty of tie down and straps (over 20!), even using all of the straps available was not going to confidently keep all these loose items secured.  A wide cargo net draped over the entire load would have solved the problem in a moments notice.

Easily stored and out of the way

For less than 30 dollars and virtually hidden anywhere in the cabin when not in use, it seemed silly to have not had one on hand when it was needed.  We can assure you, Trukbed will never again be without a cargo net for the bed in the future, and you shouldn’t be either.  We recommend a net with smaller squares than those with bigger open squares.  They can be bought anywhere from Autozone, to Amazon, to Walmart…virtually anywhere.  They also make a wonderful stocking stuffer for Christmas of 2021.  

5. Portable Silent Air Compressor

California Air Tools silent air An example of one of the great gifts for the garage for christmas
California Air Tools silent air compressor

(cost – $240.00-$280.00)

One of Trukbed’s essential accessories every pickup truck owner should have, can also be applied to anyone.  A Portable Silent Air Compressor is a must-have, and Trukbed recommends California Air Tools 8010A Ultra Quiet & Oil-Free 1.0 Hp 8.0 Gal. Aluminum Tank Air Compressor.  

These are VERY quiet, and can be used into the night inside the garage of suburban homes with neighbors close by without really upsetting anyone.  Trukbed knows because Trukbed uses it ourselves, into the nights.  The silent compressor has enough power to do virtually any DIY task in the garage. They’re perfect for swapping wheels and engine work. Use one for detailing the vehicles (air compressors are GREAT for cleaning small crevices inside vehicles!).

A perfect gift

This accessory would make a wonderful birthday or Christmas gift for the car or truck enthusiast.  Home Depot could never seem to keep them in stock, they sold so well.  Eventually we were able to get ours, but if in person, hit or miss, shopping is not your thing, you can order one and have it delivered to your local Home Depot within a couple days.

6. Car Wash Gear/Snow Foam Cannon

(cost – $5.00 to $17.00 per item, depends on the product)

Every pickup truck owner should want to keep their trucks nice and clean.  With the prices of trucks these days, one would be crazy to ignore car washes and details anymore.  Every pickup trucker owner should find car wash gear, such as foam cannons, as essential! 

This section can go forever in explaining the multitude of products available for keeping a truck or car clean, and the purposes of the uses for each product, etc.  Trukbed will spare all that for you.  But what Trukbed will do is recommend the use of the foam cannon with a pressure washer (next section) as well as the brands Trukbed uses and has never failed or disappointed us.

Aside from practical, they’re FUN

Foam cannons are fun.  It’s fun to coat a vehicle with a lot of thick suds, watch it cling and sit on the vehicle, wipe it all down with a wash mitt at once and power wash/rinse it off.  It is very satisfying.  A foam cannon makes for an excellent birthday or Christmas Gift for 2021, and Trukbed recommends the following solutions and cleaning agents to pack into the gift box:

  • Meguiar’s Xtreme Cling Foam Wash (for the foam cannon)

Griot’s Garage:

  • Best In Show Wax (paste or liquid)
  • Speed Detailer
  • Synthetic Clay Bar
  • Satin Tire Dressing 

Rain-X Treated Window Cleaner 

7. Pressure Washer/Power Washer

(cost – $99.00 to $199.00, depending on size)

This also an essential accessory for virtually anyone, but most definitely pickup truck owners.  We tend to get our trucks dirty and muddy (FUN!), and perhaps after driving around with the badge of fun (or proof we “use” our trucks for more than the suburb errands) on our trucks for a while, eventually we like to clean it off and be clean again.  For that, Trukbed uses and recommends the Ryobi pressure washers, again from Home Depot. 

For most pickup truck drivers, the 1600psi, 1900psi and the 2000psi pressure washers would serve their purposes just fine. The prices are from $99.00 to $199.00 respectively.  Frankly, anything more powerful than those start becoming hazardous to the truck or vehicle’s finish.  

A gift used all year for a variety of tasks

Pressure washers would make a great birthday or Christmas gift for 2021, and lucky recipients will find they will not only be able to have a lot of fun using the foam cannon on their rides (as written about in previous segment), but they will also be able to pressure wash and clean with great ease the house windows, siding, brick, pavement, concrete steps, and perhaps most importantly, those caked on bugs on the grills and windshields.  It’s an accessory any homeowner or vehicle owner would be proud have and should have in their arsenal of useful accessories for which they will find many uses.

Check them out at Home Depot – and for added measure, check out the attachments to these washers, such as the floor cleaner – it’s awesome).

8. Battery Jumper/Booster

(cost – $99.00 to $299.00)

If the prices of these Battery Jumper/Boosters put you off a little, don’t let it!  These devices are battery boosters that jump the vehicle’s dead battery within seconds, negating the need for jumper cables and another power source, such as someone else’s vehicle.  Trukbed has jumped our cars and trucks so many times, we have definitely gotten back from the boosters what we spent to have them on hand, and EASILY.  Not only that, we have used the boosters to jump stranded drivers we have come across in parking lots, co-workers, and more.

After jumping these stranger’s vehicles, often after they had been sitting waiting around for Triple AAA or a friend or family member, they were so amazed they went and bought one for themselves for the future.  It was unfortunate they had to be in their situations first in order to be introduced to these things.  Lucky for you, our reader, you are being introduced now, before you are in a situation.

Small and convenient

These devices charge up like a phone, are much smaller than a coiled up set of jumper cables and can be stored in the vehicle virtually anywhere.  They hold their charges for a very long time. 

Be sure to get a booster that packs the amount of power your vehicle or truck would require, as bigger engines need a bigger punch.  Trukbed likes to carry the biggest one we can afford, just in case.

These can be found on Noco’s website directly.  They are sold elsewhere, like Amazon, etc, but we like to get them from the manufacturer source just to ensure we aren’t getting someone’s return or a refurbished item.  These booster’s make EXCELLENT birthday or Christmas gifts for 2021, without a doubt.  It is great to know we won’t be the guys who are walking around a parking lot asking people if they can lend us their car to boost ours for any reason.

9. All Weather Floor Mats

an example of of the best gifts for men in christmas is a set of all weather floor mats seen here

(cost – $109.00 to $260.00)

Pickup truck drivers and owners everywhere should have a set of these on hand.  Now, here at Trukbed, we love a carpeted cabin, wheras a lot of drivers prefer the all-weather floor mats full-time.  To each their own.  But what should never be an opinion is whether all-weather floor mats are needed, because they ARE!  Whether for full-time use or not, a sturdy, perfectly fitting, and aesthetically pleasing set of all-weather floor mats, such as those provided by Weathertech (the leader in vehicle floor mat accessories and more) is most definitely an essential item for any pickup truck owner.

Preserve your carpeting

It is because we love our carpeted floors and floor mats so much that we feel these all-weather mats are one of top priorities to have.  Trucks are costing so much money these days, including the low to mid-level trimmed trucks.  An investment in these all-weather mats provide much needed assurance that we won’t be needlessly destroying our interior every time we do some dirty truck duties, or everytime it snows, etc.  All-weather mats are extremely easy to clean.

For a birthday or Christmas gift for the auto or truck enthusiast in your life, or even a non-enthusiast, a set of all-weather floor mats from Weathertech will go a long way providing ensuring your vehicle is protected from the element for years to come.  Weathertech also has a bunch of other great accessories for cars and trucks, and even pets, so check them out. 

10.. Performance Air Filter

An example of an air filter as one of the great gifts for pickup truck drivers for christmas

(cost – usually at or around $50.00)

Whether one is sponsored by K&N Filters or not, there can simply be no disputing that if performance drop-in air filters are being discussed, K&N is the leader in the industry, and by miles.  They are to performance drop-in air filters as Xerox is to copying machines.  

Air filters filter out the dirt and dust from the air prior to the air entering the intake of a vehicle’s engine.  Engines need air to run and have power.  Most often, manufacturer air filters are restrictive, which means there is power not being used, and gas mileage and performance suffer as a result.  K&N Filters are reusable, versus other air filters.  They have a 1,000,000 mile warranty, and usually only need to be cleaned every 50,000 miles.

Increase fuel MPG

With traditional air filters costing near $20.00, and requiring replacements every 10 to 15,000 miles, you can easily see the economical advantage having a K&N filter provides, while enhancing Horsepower, Torque and helping to provide 1 to 2 mpg gains in MPG fuel efficiency. 

This accessory qualifies as a no brainer, and are installed immediately into Trukbed’s new vehicles.  K&N Filters make a perfect birthday or Christmas gift for 2021.

11. Pickup Truck Capable Hydraulic Jack

an example of another one of the best presents for pickup truck owners this christmas is the hydraulic floor jack seen here

(cost – between $189.00 to $250.00)

So, you or someone you know has bought their first pickup truck.  Congrats!  However, are they able to lift it off the ground in their garage in order to change the truck’s tires, swap wheels, etc?  Chances are, the same jack they were using for their sedan or coupe just won’t accomplish the task.  And let’s face it, stacking wood to gain an inch of lifting height is simply not safe.

To ensure you or your loved one is lifting their truck with a jack in a way that is safe, ensure they have a hydraulic truck jack that has a minimum of a 3 ton or 6000 pound capacity, AND has a lift height of at least 16 inches. 

Often overlooked

Hydraulic jacks that have weight abilities and lifting heights that are compatible with a pickup truck (and even SUVs) are often forgotten and overlooked.  Trukbed recommends The Home Depot again for these needs.  They have a lot in stock, and they make it easy to have one delivered to your nearest store very easy.  Ordering a hydraulic jack online to be delivered to your home can be daunting.  They tend to be heavy and shipping costs can be hard to swallow.  Picking one up from The Home Depot, even if you have to have it shipped there, was the easiest solution for Trukbed when the time came for us.

Make someone’s birthday or Christmas in 2021 with one of these truck jacks.  

12. Running Boards and Bed Steps

running boards and side steps are one of the best gifts for their pickup trucks

(cost – $200.00 to as much as $900.00)

We finalize the list of 12 essential accessories every pickup truck owner NEEDS with Running Boards and/or Bed Steps.

Quite often, pickup trucks were sold with a pair of running boards when new, especially if it is a higher trim level.  Sometimes the running boards don’t fit the taste of, nor the utility needs, of their owners.  And of course, there are those trucks who didn’t have any to begin with.

Even if the pickup truck owner doesn’t need running boards to get in and out of the truck, their passengers may. Especially if they are short and petite.  Running boards provide other aspects of utility, such as helping to prevent door dings. They also help prevent rocks and debris from hitting the sides of the truck from the tires.

They really help

Running boards can be tubular, square, etc.  They can be chrome, black, or whatever custom paint you desire.  They can be sturdy enough to be actual rock and slider rails for off road use.  Running boards make a GREAT birthday or Christmas gift for 2021. Truck Hero has brands that can give you exactly, and we mean EXACTLY, the running board you need, and for great value.

Bed Steps are similar. They help one get into and out of the bed, and fold away out of view when not in use.  Pickup truck drivers often don’t realize they needed bed steps until they have one. After that, they cannot and will never do without one again.  Truck Hero has a wide selection of these as well to choose from.


So, there you have them!  Obviously, there are more than 12 essential items every truck owner should have on or with their pickup trucks.  This list is a great reference point to begin outfitting a pickup truck to ultimately fit ones needs. Its a great source for ideas for birthday or holiday shopping for the pickup truck owner and enthusiast in your life in 2022.

What accessories do you feel are essential for every pickup truck owner?  Let Trukbed know, we’d love to hear your thoughts!

Don’t forget to check out Trukbed’s latest articles here! For more ideas on Gifts for Men, we recommend checking out Best Buy!

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