6 easy steps for removing the running boards from your Ford F-150

Some pick-up owners like and need running boards, some don’t. If you find yourself as one of those owners who don’t want them on anymore, read on.

6 easy DIY steps

Time needed: 20 minutes.

If you are wondering how to remove running boards from your bone stock new Ford F-150, follow these instructions below. This DIY project can be done anywhere. Gather a 13mm socket, ratchet, and 20 minutes. This is an easy DIY.

This DIY project is quick and easy. Perform it in a parking lot, parking garage, driveway or home garage. No ramps or jacks are needed.

  1. Gather tools (13mm socket, ratchet).

    The only tools needed to remove running boards are a 13mm socket and ratchet. Mechanic’s gloves could help sensitive hands.

  2. Crawl under the body of the cab.

    Each running board has two brackets that affix the running board to the the truck. One bracket is forward, the other is aft. Each bracket has 3 bolts connected to the body. Locate these brackets.

  3. Choose the bracket you want to remove the bolts from.

    Begin with either bracket. You are not unscrewing screws, you are unscrewing bolts. The screws are part of the body of the cab. So, when the bolts come off, the running boards should stay in place while hanging on the screws.

  4. Unscrew the bolts from the frame.

    After Step 3, rotate the 13mm socket/ratchet counter clockwise. Unscrew the bolt from each of the prongs for each bracket. Do this for both brackets on the same side totaling 6 bolts.

  5. Remove the running boards.

    Standing outside and in the middle of the loose running board, stand square in the middle of the board. With two hands, move the board forward about an inch to slide the brackets off the affixed screws. Lift the boards away from the truck. The board with brackets attached is now removed.

  6. Repeat steps 1-5 for the other running board.

    The same steps (1-5) apply for the opposite running board.

Care for your hardware (bolts)

Now that you have loose bolts, you may want to grab a ziplock bag and label the bag of bolts as belonging to the boards for later use. One idea would be to use a zip-tie to semi-permanently attach the bag to the set of running boards for storage.

Installing the Running Boards

To install the running boards back onto the vehicle, follow the same steps as above in reverse order. A second person may be able to help the holder align the brackets onto the screws underneath the body.


The running boards, especially if chrome, will scratch easily. The running boards do not sit squarely on the ground. Use care and caution when laying the running boards on the ground. A towel or other padding will greatly reduce the chance of damaging the running board’s appearance. Trukbed uses the open holes of the back of the running boards to hang on thick nails attached to the garage wall to store the running boards. Our running boards came off the Trukbed 2021 Ford F-150 Powerboost Hybrid Lariat.


This concludes the How-To for removing and reinstalling the factory running boards for the Ford F-150. Now that you know how to remove running boards from your F-150, if this How-To helped you or someone you know, we would appreciate a Like or a comment, thanks!

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