Spouses Can Be Bigger Hurdles Than Money

You’ve done your budget. Your budget allows for a new truck. Maybe you’ve even realized you can’t afford it. Whatever the case, unless the spouse is into trucks like you are, he or she is sure get in the way of you and your dream. Don’t let them! This article is here to help show you how to convince your spouse to let you get that new truck.

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Fortunately, there are 5 possible solutions

If you are like many, you will find yourself battling the force of nature known as your spouse. Luckily, most spouses have their own Achille’s Heels, just as the truck is yours. The trick is to level the field with weaknesses on the table. Use the list below to figure out which one may work for you, and see your truck in your driveway sooner than you think.

The list below isn’t guaranteed, every spouse is different. Let’s face it, if every spouse was the same, no one would ever cheat. What would be the point? One more of the methods below may work, so give them a read and use them at your own discretion.

1. Offer to be the hero in need when their truck-less friend needs someone to haul that antique piece of furniture from that random guy on Craigslist (How To Convince Your Spouse)

Most spouses have that friend who always needs something. And because your spouse was more desirable than their friend, she was able to land someone like you who could get things done. For whatever the reason, these less desirable friends of your spouse always seem to buy random crap off of Craiglist or similar.

Offer to be the guy who moves that junk for the friend. The secret here though is to not commit to the task with too much promise. If you do win your truck on a premise such as this, it is important to always have a back-up plan in place whenever that needy friends calls for help. You can already have too much stuff in your bed due to another project, or already have commitments with YOUR real friends. You just need to play this one smart, that’s all.

2. Tell your spouse that with you getting your new truck, you two can have intimate time looking over sunsets somewhere with wine and cheese, etc.

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The truth is, any spouse who isn’t immediately on board with getting that awesome truck you want is likely to be into these kinds of weak things. This could be you in this situation. And you don’t care about wine or cheese.

The spouse is likely to be impressed with you for dreaming this idea up, and it alone may win them over. They may possibly start seeing your truck as the answer to their romantic dreams, if only for a while.

Referring to sunrises is just as clever as using sunsets. It’s up to you to figure out which one of the two strikes your spouse’s fancy.

To have an escape route for this method, you need to lift your truck sooner rather than later. You need to make the truck tall enough that the spouse will have troubles getting in and out of the cabin and/or the bed. By the time that is completed and they are annoyed, they won’t even bother bugging you about your promise, and you have the truck in your possession.

3. Mention the new safety features, and how all you want to do is keep your “precious cargo” safe.

Make sure the spouse understands that when you say “precious cargo”, that you mean them. If they can’t already see why this truck you desire should be in the family, they likely won’t get the reference to “precious cargo” unless you explain it to them in detail. “Baby, YOU are that ‘Precious Cargo’.”

Most truck people don’t use the word “precious” unless something is seriously going down. Your spouse will hear you say this word, and see you as being in tune with your sensitive side. They still don’t understand what you meant by “cargo” but they heard you say “precious” several times now and they are melting. Hit the dealer before they put themselves back together. Time is of the essence.

4. Make a goofy coupon book with free massages, cooking dinner, doing laundry, etc.

You may need to walk into a Michael’s Arts & Crafts store for the first time ever to get cardboard paper, glue and other things necessary for making this thing. You’ll encounter some weird people in there, but remember – this is all so you can get your truck. Stay focused and keep a calm temperament.

You will NOT want to use this method as an exchange during active discussion and negotiation about the truck. For this method, you will want to make and present this item 1 to 2 weeks prior to your discussion. Ask for nothing in return. When presenting it, do not present during any other event like Valentines, birthday, Christmas, etc. It needs to be something for “no reason.”

Make SURE you specify on the coupons the coupon MUST be presented as, and to “treat as, cash”. Make sure the spouse sees and understands the ‘treat as cash’ part. Some spouses need extra help with things like that.

1 to 2 weeks later, but before you have to actually use any of those coupons, have the discussion about the truck. The spouse will put up resistance. Now – use your coupon book gift as a guilt trip. Mention that it is apparent you only wanted what made your spouse happy with nothing in return. Ask them why would they want to keep you from happiness?

If the guilt trip succeeds here, hit the dealer right away. You’re getting a new truck. Find the coupon book and burn it soon after you bring that truck home. No coupon, no massage. etc. You will be clean off that hook, hopefully.

5. Tell your spouse that with this new truck, you are likely to lose more belly fat due to all the extra work you will be doing.

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This one won’t make any sense. Because it doesn’t. But because spouse’s generally function with a mind where the things they think about make no sense, this one should fit right in.

They will begin seeing you as possibly becoming the you of you’s past. If this one works, hit the dealer. You’re getting a new truck.

After a while, your new truck will have helped you to lose no belly fat. The spouse will confront you about it, because regardless of everything else in the world they are sure to forget, this promise will not be one of them. Responding to this is simple: Blame it on your spouse’s awesome cooking and all the hearty meals they make. Tell them you’d rather be a fatty than miss out on their excellent offerings.

Best of luck to you!

Trukbed wants you to have that new (or new to you) truck you want. We hope you have the best success in getting it. Just don’t blame Trukbed for any misapplication of these tips. You know your spouse and how to talk to your spouse better than we do. These tips are merely beginning reference points and things to start with.

Once you get that truck home, if you want to take off the running boards, click here to find out how!

Again, good luck.

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