This Is When Your Ford F-150 Powerboost Hybrid Warranty Problems Will Begin

2021 Ford Powerboost Hybrid Problems warranty Dealership

As a result of a new Facebook poll of owners, we predict the 2021/2022 Ford F-150 Powerboost Hybrid will have it’s first warranty-related problem at 11 months, or 16,000 – on average. This Dec 31, 2021 poll had 249 respondents who were asked: “How many warranty-related dealership visits have you had, so far, for your Powerboost?” We’ve made our prediction based on the numbers. Here’s how it breaks down, and how we came to our conclusion.

About the Poll

This Facebook poll was administered on December 31, 2021 within a private Facebook group called “Ford Powerboost Owners”. The group as of this writing, has over 2,800 members. Members of this private group are approved for for access by a group admin. Most participants are current owners of a 2021 Ford F-150 Powerboost. Others are serious shoppers seeking information from current owners as they shop for their own new trucks.

The demographic for this poll was not limited to any particular region, state or territory. Any and all Ford F-150 Powerboost owners were welcome to respond. However, for additional date points, respondents were encouraged to provide additional comments beneath the poll. The main additional information sought consisted of the following questions:

41 to 46 of the 249 respondents (or, 18%) provided these extra data points.

Lastly, we used these extra data points, combined with the 249 original poll responses, to form our conclusions.

The 2021 Ford F-150 Powerboost Hybrid, By the Numbers

The initial poll revealed that 76% (over 3 out of 4) of Powerboost Hybrid owners had NO dealer visits related to warranty problems. 24% (just under 1 in 4) of owners had visited a dealer at least once for a warranty related problem.

2021 Ford F-150 Powerboost Problems Warranty issues predicted 11 months 16,000 miles

18% of Powerboost owners has at least 2 visits to the dealership since their purchase. 6% had at least 3 dealership visits for warranty problems. 5% (5 of every 100 Powerboosts) hung out at their dealerships at least 5 times. And, 3% of Ford Powerboost Hybrid owners had at least 6 visits thus far.

7 visits was the maximum number of times any respondent had to visit a dealership for warranty-related issues or problems. Out of the 249 polled, there were 4 of these cases. This resulted in 1.6% of all respondents needing at least, and so far, not more than 7 visits to their dealerships. The poll provided for up to , and over, 15 visits as answerable options. So in essence, this means that 1 to 2 Ford F-150 Powerboost Hybrids for every 100 may be seeing a lot of time at their dealerships.

More Numbers

The basic poll numbers had 249 respondents, which included 142 total dealership visits for some type of warranty claim, problem or issue. This quickly equated to each Ford F-150 Powerboost needing, on average, 1.75 visits to the dealer, per truck. But, how many miles were on these trucks as an average? How old were these Powerboosts? 2 months? A year old? This is why the additional questions were posited. So let’s dig deeper.

A Deeper Analysis of the 2021 Ford F-150 Powerboost Hybrid, Looking at Miles Driven and Age of the Truck Itself


As mentioned above, 41-46 respondents provided additional insights and details. So, we compiled and calculated the results. We found the average age of the responding Powerboosts to be an average of 6.5 months old.

Being a newly released engine (first available in the last months of 2020), the oldest of the samples were between 11 and 12 months old. This accounted for 5 of the detailed respondents. Additionally, 5 respondents were between 2 and 3 months old. The other 30 to 35 respondents were scattered in ages between the two bookends, and all resulted in an average of 6.5 months old.

Ford F-150 powerboost hybrid problems predicted at 11 months


Simple averaging methodology was used for mileage as well. On the highest ends of the scale, we saw one or two in the 30,000 mile range, despite the newness of the vehicle to the public. There was an outlier, one sample with a whopping 39,000 miles to date. We eliminated this outlier from our conclusions to maintain a more accurate overall average. With all the other mileage responses scattered about, we concluded an average of around 9,600 miles for the average poll respondent. We concluded each 2021 Ford F-150 Powerboost Hybrid of our 249 samples drove 9,600 separate miles.

Combining Miles and Vehicle Age as a Sample Size

When multiplying each of the 249 Powerboost samples with 6.5 months old, we assess this poll to be based off a total of a combined 1,619 months of usage. Divided by a year’s 12 months, we have a combined usage of – get ready for this – 134 years! Amazing. Man, we love numbers.

It gets better. When multiplying each of the 249 Ford Powerboost samples with the average of 9,600 miles per truck, we reach a combined (nearly) 2.4 Million miles! This means, this poll and it’s conclusions are based on a possible combined 2.4 millions miles of roads covered, in a wide variety of circumstances and variables. This, of course, helps to refine accuracy in general data analysis, but no accuracy in specific causes.

After calculating the average number of warranty-related dealership visits of the detailed responses, we found the average Ford F-150 Powerboost required .6 visits to the dealership. Since one can’t actually visit a dealer as a fraction, we need to adjust to account for 1 full visit.

Our Estimate and Prediction is Based on the Round Number of One

Since the average dealer visit was .6 times per Powerboost for every 6.5 months and 9,600 miles, we wanted to equate the figures to the standard, and more realistic, ONE complete visit. After adjusting those numbers, we conclude that at around 10.6 to 11 months, and/or around 16,000 miles, the average 2021 Ford Powerboost Hybrid will need to see the dealership for some kind of warranty-related problem.

Based on your personal circumstances, hopefully this helps you figure out where you and your Ford F-150 Powerboost are standing amongst the averages. Additionally, hopefully this article helps to provide a sense of reasonable expectation for future or current Powerboost problems. How upset should you feel? How lucky or unlucky should you be feeling?

Specific Ford Powerboost Problems Not Specified

Please keep in mind this important fact: This poll did not focus on and particular or specific problem. So, the problems which needed Dealership attention could just as easily be Hybrid related, as much as they could be general Ford quality related.

And, because this poll was directed to Ford F-150 Powerboost owners specifically, these results apply mainly to the Ford F-150 Powerboost Hybrid. They’re not indicative of any other Ford truck in particular.

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