At this time, Trukbed Media, Inc. (a.k.a. Trukbed and has no affiliate relationship with any company, brand or sponsor. Any mention of any company, brand or sponsor in any article is free of any compensation or bias. While we currently have no affiliate relationships, but we do participate in ad space programs. [Adsense by Google] This website receives compensation for a number of impressions and clicks of such ads.

Trukbed has limited control over what ads are shown to website visitors. As a result, those decisions are primarily that of the ad program.

As always, Trukbed welcomes relationships with market affiliates who have products or services to offer. Products and services relating to to automobiles, such as parts and accessories, etc. are welcome. In addition, products and services relating overall to the general lifestyle of the automobile enthusiast are also welcome.

White Ford F-150 Bed Cover open

We stand behind the products and services we encourage and endorse. Any market affiliation with Trukbed will be dependent on our fully understanding and supporting such product or service. Samples or promotional products are welcome. Contact us to work out an arrangement.

Affiliate relationships are key revenue sources for media publishers. In turn, they are also extremely beneficial to the company, brand or sponsor who enter these relationships. We understand the importance of protecting brand value and reputation. We feel the way about our brand and image.

Affiliate Relationships – Types of products we would love to endorse

Due to the nature of our content and our interests, the following products are ideal for mention in this website:

  • automobile insurance
  • truck bed parts and accessories
  • bed covers
  • running boards
  • cargo and storage solutions
  • tires
  • wheels
  • automobile oil
  • automobile tools
  • bed liners and bed rugs
  • automobile interior accessories
  • outdoor apparel
  • work apparel
  • home improvement stores
  • home improvement tools
  • and more.
Hands Shaking Making a Deal Affiliate Relationships

Contact us to arrange for review of your product or service, we’d love to check it out!

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