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A Peer to Peer Pre-Owned Parts and Accessories Marketplace

Trukbed is an absolutely FREE pre-owned parts and accessories marketplace for Car and Truck enthusiasts. Listing is no cost. Buying is no cost. Trukbed matches enthusiast with enthusiast for the perfect sale of used parts.

What We Do

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You want to sell to another enthusiast.

Absolutely FREE listings, enthusiast submitted parts for sale. Many enthusiasts upgrade from OEM parts, or upgrade already upgraded parts, and need a place to sell them. Selling the previously owned part offsets the cost of the new part. We provide the ideal marketplace for owners to offer that used part for sale directly to a buyer.

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It feels better buying from an enthusiast.

With some other selling marketplaces, you can’t always be sure you’re buying from someone of the same mind – one who is passionate about the same thing you are. Cars and trucks. Buying is at no cost. Communication is easy and free. These sellers are less mysterious. Buy with more confidence.

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Used OEM parts and aftermarket parts.

Every day, someone is upgrading wheels from OEM, often with minimal miles. Other parts are swapped for upgrades with perfect parts placed to the side. From used tires and wheels, to air intakes and exhausts – and even entire vehicles, you’re sure to find some great deals on parts and accessories.

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All listings of parts and accessories are manually reviewed for quality and spam.

In our marketplace, we review each listing, from wheels to full vehicles, to make sure the listing reflects our mission, which strives for:

  • Transparency for informative & ethical pre-owned product listings
  • Seller responsiveness – items sold and stale listings removed within 48 hours
  • High quality and detailed images

Simply put, we want each experience for buyers and sellers to be absolutely great.

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How does Trukbed make money?

We want the buying and selling experience to be free for both buyer and seller. That’s why you’ll find advertisements and sponsorships across the website. These advertisements are usually catered to the interests of the automobile enthusiast in general, so hopefully they aren’t too much of an eyesore during browsing.

Besides, one of them may even be a great deal. Either way, it’s what helps keep this marketplace free for both the buyers and the sellers.

Additionally, if you feel as though you’ve gotten a great deal from either selling or buying through us, we’re always appreciative of any sized donation one sees fit. Of course, it would never be required.

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